Owner Financial Viability

As a rental property owner (or a property manager), your financial viability will impact how you manage a rental property.  If you are pressed for money or have a mortgage payment looming you cannot afford without rental income, you might make a bad decision regarding tenant selection, maintenance repair or any of the other myriad…

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7 Proven Steps to Selecting a Quality Tenant e-book

Learn How to Successfully Screen Prospective Tenants If you own or manage residential rental properties, you know the importance of selecting a quality tenant.  Quality tenants are the key to successful rental property management; conversely, bad tenants can be a nightmare and make rental property management a headache. Navigating the tenant selection process to uncover…

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Site Disclaimer

As you read the information on this website, always remember the following disclaimer: Federal, state and local laws govern many aspects of rental property management.  You are responsible to ensure your actions and rental property management policies comply with federal, state and local laws. The Federal Fair Housing Law prohibits discrimination against persons on the…

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